Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

Top 12 Books About Relationships

#9 21 Traps You Need to Avoid in Dating & Relationships by Brian Nox

Description of the book:

Learn Secrets about Men And The Traps Women Fall Into That Most Women Will Never Know It’s time to take back your power!Most women are very surprised when a man becomes distant, when they find out he wasn’t as interested as he seemed, or worse, when everything he said turns out to be a blatant lie.Nothing hurts more than getting that gut-level feeling that says he doesn’t love you anymore.It’s time to learn about the traps most women fall into that take away their power.Here is some of what you’ll learn when you’ll start reading this book:- How women give away their power (and don’t even realize it) – The important test you should never fail in any relationship- Why you should not be focusing on your beauty (or lack thereof) – Your most important bargaining chip (what it is and how to use it, most women don’t think of this)- Not behaving or feeling like a high value womanand what to do instead to take your power back- Opposites Attract, or do they?- “The One”. Is he the one? And why would this be a trap?- The Wrong Man (and what to do about it)- The MANipulator(and how to avoid being manipulated by any man)- A Subject to Avoid (when a woman talks about this subject, a man can’t help it and will loose interest in her)- A trick to see if he’s REALLY interested in you- Jealousy. When to use it and how to deal with it.- The Ex. Is she dangerous?- Your Looks. How to use them…and how to never use them (this is a trap many women step into).- The Overlapping Circles: the secret to a happy long-term relationship- How important are his friends to the relationship YOU have with him?- and more!Read this book to avoid much of the heart-ache that comes with finding and keeping the right guy.You can get started by clicking on the Buy Now button at the top of this page.Good luck!Brian