Tue. Oct 15th, 2019

Top 12 Books About Black People

#6 Black Peoples’ Identity? by Mawuli

Description of the book:

The “Eveo gamsu – Would you like to know the truth about Black Peoples’ Identity?” book through The Most High Almighty God’ chosen author Mawuli is essential reading for all African-Americans and Black African brothers and sisters as a condensed, well researched, and exciting preview of long ago divinely written, revealed, usurped, stolen and awesome truth about black peoples’ identity going back 6,000 years regarding who it is they really are and why the largest scattered, divided, enslaved, discriminated, exploited, scorned, hated, killed and suffering race and nation of people on earth for thousands of years. This book’ information is from the author Mawuli’ incredible black ancient history book to soon become available for the first time ever in the USA entitled, “The Call To The Hebrews”, which is a meticulous treasure-trove of long existing, hidden, and now highly clarified, clearly undeniable, indisputable ancient biblical and holy land history facts and knowledge also provided and inspired from Almighty God throughout biblical scriptures about who the black people of ancient times and their descendants today really are and also called to awaken and gather in repentance, strength, and unity together today returning to obey and honor Almighty God, His Laws, His Words of instruction and guidance, and His Covenant established with their ancient forefathers and them as descendants being His true chosen people.