Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

Top 12 Books About Angels

#7 How to Work with Archangels: Guidance from Archangels for Abundance, Healing, Spiritual Wisdom, and More (Spirituality Tools) (Volume 1) by Z.Z. Rae

Description of the book:

This book is a spiritual tool to work with archangels in your daily life. Learn the names, gifts, histories, and energies of the archangels, including what crystals to work with. Angels have unlimited energy, so the archangels can assist everyone at the same time. Whether you’re facing situations involving, abundance, career, relationships, spiritual growth, health, or more, call on the archangels to help guide you. Use this book as an archangel reference for: • Spiritual Wisdom • Abundance • Spiritual Gifts • Relationships • Physical Healing • Emotional Healing • Connecting to the Divine • And more