Thu. Nov 14th, 2019

The 8 Best Books About Queen Esther to Read in 2018

#2 Women of the Bible Old and New Testament: Learn all about the most amazing women in the Bible by Steve Pease

Description of the book:

Have you thought much about the women in the Old Testament?How important they were in all the Bible stories?How many times have you read through the Old Testament in the Bible, and read about the women in the Bible who were important in Gods plans?Have you thought about how critical they were in making sure that Gods plans were carried out?Most of the don’t get talked about much, or seem very significant, yet they were crucial in the plans of God.These women are all important in the overall plan of God.Eve SarahRebekahHagarRachelRahabDeborahJaelRuthQueen of ShebaBathshebaVashtiEstherLearn more about each of them and how they changed the world.Amazing New Testament WomenWhat is the significance of the women mentioned in the New Testament?many of the stories we read in the Bible, we read about the women that God used to do the work he needed done. Most of the stories are small parts that if we skip over, we don’t get the real meaning of why the stories are in the Bible.The fact that these women are mentioned in the Bible should make us wonder why, and we should know that they are not in the Bible accidentally. God wanted us to read about them, and to know that they were special people in history, and important to know who they were.Read this book and learn why these women are important.Learn what they did to help fulfill Gods plans by doing things only they could do at the time.