Fri. Nov 16th, 2018

The 12 Most Popular Psychopaths Novels, According To Data From People`s Choice

#12 Psychopathy and Law: A Practitioner’s Guide by Helinä Häkkänen-Nyholm

Description of the book:

Psychopathy and Law: A Practitioner’s Guide provides thoseworking in the fields of law, the military, social and healthservices, politics, and business with a comprehensive introductionto psychopathy and the ways of thinking that guide the psychopathicmind. Features case examples and – unique from previous texts inthe field - links these to theory and empirical researchRepresents an up-to-date resource for scientists examiningpsychopathyCovers issues that have never been dealt with in regard topsychopathy, including those relating to families, civil law, warcrimes, economical crimes and organized crimes

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