Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

The 12 Essential Magic Novels of All Times

#12 The Witch’s Portal by J.B. Pettry

Description of the book:

If you had the chance at Utopia, would you take it?Lily Rose might.Since the death of her mom, Lily feels lost. She’s trying to go through the motions of life as a wife and mother, but that’s all it is, just going through the motions; she’s lost her spark, her desires, and her ambition to succeed at anything. It’s only through the family legends of the witch Sandrine, and the tales of her magical portal into a perfect life, that Lily has finally found a glimmer of hope.When an anonymous letter leads to an encounter with a mysterious white-haired woman, Lily finds her life intertwined with four strangers who share the common bond of grief. Driven by the desire to see their loved ones again, they accept an offer to journey through Sandrine’s portal with the promise of their deepest desires awaiting them. The only catch: they must return home when summoned or chance giving up their real lives forever.The Witch’s Portal will sweep you away on a journey of self-discovery filled with loss and love and desire­­­—and fear, because shadows too lie beyond Sandrine’s portal, and many dark and dangerous things come from wanting something that is not meant to be.The Witch’s Portal is an adult fantasy magical realism debut novel.