Sun. Oct 13th, 2019

The 12 Essential Jack The Ripper Fiction Books of All Times

#12 Jack the Ripper – Has he Been Unveiled?: a brief insight into what it’s all about (A Smattering Of Book 1) by Dee Watson

Description of the book:

Over one hundred and twenty six years, there has been so much speculation over the identity of Jack the Ripper and even the Duke of Clarence, the Prince of Wales (during those times) and the writer Lewis Carroll, were up for consideration. Victorian London was heaving with immigrants and Whitechapel, the area where the Ripper murders occurred, was rife with poverty, theft, violence, alcoholism and prostitution.Did Scotland Yard of the late nineteenth century stand much chance in catching the killer?Was evidence taken seriously?How were other murders around that same time ruled out?Do we now know the identity of the person we all know as Jack the Ripper?These questions are examined in brief and come from the abundance of information that is there on the internet. I have to say that I was truly stunned by the facts available for understanding the situation in those times. But this report is simply a smattering of information, a taster of what was happening in Whitechapel in the year of 1888. I hope this report whets your appetite to know more.But do we really want to know who Jack the Ripper was, or do we enjoy the intrigue of not knowing?