Wed. Jun 26th, 2019

The 12 Best Xenophobia Books Of All Times

#12 Jesus for Humanists: Christ vs Xenophobia by Simon Perry

Description of the book:

The Jesus of history has been over-spiritualised, depoliticised and domesticated into a harmless, toothless and pointless purveyor of religious wisdom. This book casts Jesus in his first century context, highlighting his anti-imperial credentials, his subversive political demands, and above all, his radical and uncompromising call to displace xenophobia. The political love to which he calls his followers explodes the sedate and docile figure that humanists reject as repulsive and Christians worship as holy. This little book presents Jesus in his historical political context, and as such challenges the caricatures treasured by both the faithless and the faithful. Written by a biblical scholar at the University of Cambridge, its subversive tone is neither easily dismissed nor easily accepted.