Sun. May 19th, 2019

The 12 Best Overcoming Anxiety Books Guaranteed to Give You Real Satisfaction

#4 No Biggy!: A Story About Overcoming Everyday Obstacles by Elycia Rubin

Description of the book:

The empowering book sweeping the nation that’s helping kids and parents successfully manage frustration.Getting frustrated is a part of life! And, whether Kiki is working on squeezing toothpaste right onto her toothbrush, getting the zipper to slide all the way up her jacket, or spreading cream cheese on a bagel, she learns to take a deep breath, say “No Biggy!,” and try again—after all, things don’t always go exactly as expected on the first try! Kiki even teaches her mom and dad a thing or two—yes, grown-ups get frustrated, too! Bright and encouraging illustrations picture Kiki throughout her day, right up to her big bedtime bubble bath. Filled with love and positivity, No Biggy! is certain to become the go-to, favorite saying in your home.