Mon. Jul 22nd, 2019

The 12 Best Iceland Fiction Books For All Times

#12 The Twins Go to Iceland (Volume 2) by Catherine Alford

Description of the book:

Do you want your children to see the world and grow to love traveling? The Twins Go series shows kids how exciting traveling can be. Follow along boy/girl twins Jack and Olivia as they discover new places, meet new friends, and learn about different cultures through their many adventures. In Volume 2 of the series, The Twins go to Iceland, Jack and Olivia get to travel on a plane, see the Northern Lights, visit the Blue Lagoon, and see how fun it is to learn about new cultures. The Twins Go series will inspire children everywhere to get out of their comfort zones, see new places, and look forward to road trips and plane trips with a renewed sense of excitement. Written by award winning writer, Catherine Alford, The Twins Go series was originally created for the author’s own twins so they could develop a love of other cultures and a desire to befriend people who might look or sound different than they do. The Twins Go series features gorgeous illustrations by Spanish illustrator Jaime Espinar on every single page. It’s the perfect gift for parents who have twins or for any family who loves to travel.