Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

The 12 Best Fiction Books About Volleyball

#8 Avatar’s Guide to Beach Volleyball: Everything you need to know about the sport from the only professional player that writes by Ryan Doherty

Description of the book:

"So I wrote an entire book, and now I have to write a description of that book? Geez, this is starting to feel like homework." -Ryan Doherty, aka "Avatar"Beach volleyball is a fun and exciting sport, and the players that make up the beach volleyball community are some of the most interesting people you will ever meet. In this book, professional player (and jokester) Ryan Doherty gives his insight on everything you could ever want to know about the greatest game on sand. From rules and equipment to the skills necessary to play, "Avatar" breaks it all down into an amusing and insightful read that is sure to put a smile on your face. Whether you are a novice or have your AAA, all volleyball players and fans will be able to deepen their appreciation for the sport (and the players in it) with this book.(How was that as a description? All the other e-books on Kindle have corny nonsense like "amusing and insightful read that is sure to put a smile on your face", so I figured it was mandatory or something. Personally, I think that cliche stuff is worth it if I get to talk in the third person and refer to myself as a "jokester")In all honesty-My name is Ryan Doherty, and I’m a professional beach volleyball player. I have had so much fun playing this game, traveling the world, and connecting with fans that I have decided to write a book. This is my attempt at a comprehensive "one-stop shop" for everything the world of beach volleyball has to offer. My aim was to make this book as accessible as possible to a variety of readers, with things for absolute beginners (rules, fundamentals and techniques involved in the game as well as ways to practice them, description of different tournaments, tours, and skill levels) to experts (different ideas for moving with your partner on offense and defense, ways to think about structuring a workout routine, traveling to tournaments that are out of state or in a different country) to people who would prefer to simply watch (volleyball vocabulary, bios and resources for some of the great current players, a bucket-list of tournaments you should see, my overall quick wit and charm). There are even chapters on collegiate sand volleyball, finding sponsors, and things to look for in a coach for those readers looking to take their game to the next level, as well as a chapter dedicated to flirting with other volleyball players. (For those of you working on a different type of game)I tried to keep everything in this book fun and lighthearted, because that is the best way to approach the sport of beach volleyball. I hope you enjoy reading about this great game, I hope it helps you to be a better volleyball player and fan, and I hope to see you out on the sand someday.