Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

The 12 Best Fiction Books About Volleyball

#2 How much do you know about… Volleyball by Wanceulen Notebook

Description of the book:

WANCEULEN EDITORIAL (WANCEULEN NOTEBOOK) How much do you know about ……? Instructions: – Each page includes a Worksheet, with enough space forwrite information. – Read the question from the header of each worksheet. – Research the subject in books and on the internet. – Respond in the space reserved for it. – Draw a situation that illustrates your response. In the last section of each Form include a personal opinion on the subject treated, and write some otheralternative than what is established. Objectives: – Improve your research capacity and develop theknowledge. – Improve your creativity and developyour skills. – Collect your own works and studies in the Notebooks “How much do you know of…?” By Wanceulen Notebook Its quality and careful presentation allows you to archive them in your Library as one more book. Have fun and learn! …Knowledge is also fun.