Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Read These 12 Fiction Books About Loving Yourself

#7 Self-Love: How to Love Yourself Unconditionally by Cylon George

Description of the book:

Do you wonder why you never seem to have the confidence to pursue the things you truly want? Do others always seem to have it better than you? Do you struggle to express your desires and needs to others? Are you dogged by negative thoughts and self-destructive habits? You’re not alone. If you’re looking for a new path forward, this book is for you. Here’s some of what you’ll learn: How to quiet the inner critic. How to make peace with your past hurts and difficulties. How to enhance your relationships and build your confidence. How to love and accept all of who you are. Self-Love: How to Love Yourself Unconditionally will help you overcome negative thinking, grow your confidence, and transform your life and the lives of those around you. Don’t wait another day to begin your journey to true self-love.