Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Read These 12 Fiction Books About Loving Yourself

#11 Love Yourself: 31 Ways To Truly Find Your Self Worth & Love Yourself by Randy Young

Description of the book:

Discover 31 Ways To Truly Find Your Self Worth & Love Yourself!From the best selling self-help author, Randy Young, comes Love Yourself: 31 Ways To Truly Find Your Self Worth & Love Yourself. This book will improve your life, bring you more joy, and help you get motivated!Are you struggling in life and are not feeling the happiest you could be?Do you want to take the first step to improve your life and love yourself?Or if the idea of getting back on track, feeling "better", and regaining confidence appeals to you…THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!What This Self-Help Book Will Teach YouThis book provides you with a guide to feeling good about yourself and improving the way you live your life!It comes with many tips and a bunch of awesome advice that you need to know for a total life and self transformation!Are you ready to experience life at a whole new level?Are you ready to feel real love and acceptance for yourself?Are you ready to regain confidence and be happier than you have ever felt before?Then check out these 31 tips and start your life transformation TODAY!If you successfully implement the tips in this book, you will…* Start feeling happier everyday and attract better people around you* Succeed more because of positive energy and a focused attitude* Say goodbye to depression or feeling unhappy* Learn how you can live a healthier lifestyle without trying* Learn to love yourself and gain confidence* Get excited about living your life – EVERY TIME!