Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

Read These 12 Fiction Books About Kindergarten

#10 I Don’t Want to Go to Kindergarten … I’ll Miss You Toooo Much! by Maureen King

Description of the book:

Learn to empower kids of all ages with a simple, life changing skill. Don’t let the title fool you. “Powering-Up” helps us deal with challenging situations including being bullied, starting kindergarten OR college, and more. The jaw-dropping activity in the book provides proof that our body instantly changes based on our thoughts. Following the story, the “Notes for the Reader” section focuses more on the super power and how to reinforce it. Access to free online videos and writing activities are included. Maureen King, school counselor and former K-12 teacher, wants everyone to learn a powerful skill she regularly shares with students and adults.This simple tool literally changes the chemicals in our brain.”Powering -Up” reduces the impact of bullying or other stressors. It helps us learn, increases memory, strengthens the immune system, makes us smile, and more! Being a kid can be tough! Why wait for a child to act out before empowering him? Unaddressed fear, frustration, and other emotions can manifest as aggression, self-injury, failing grades, etc. Split between schools, King was only able to work with a small percentage of the at-risk middle school students who were in crisis before they were on the intervention radar. She successfully taught them to access real super powers and wanted to help more families. She wished she had known these strategies when her kids were young. King saw that skills taught to adolescents and adults can (and should!) be taught to all children and their families through story. This was the foundation for “Mrs. King’s Toolbox Series” designed to reduce stress and improve overall mental health. When King shared this book with 8th grade classes, the teacher suggested that the title could have been, “I Don’t Want to Go to High School” since the emotions felt by 14 year olds are often the same as those felt by preschoolers. The students agreed. Empower your child now. Share this book and the reinforcement activities.