Wed. Jul 24th, 2019

Read These 12 Fiction Books About Japan

#7 Japan: 101 Awesome Things You Must Do In Japan: Japan Travel Guide To The Land Of The Rising Sun. The True Travel Guide from a True Traveler. All You Need To Know About Japan. by James Hall

Description of the book:

Your Ultimate Travel Guide To Japan Your Ultimate 101 Things You MUST Do in Japan If you are interested in traveling to Japan (and who isn’t?), you have come to the right place! Forget about all the boring Japan Travel Books. Forget about the lifeless 800 pages Travel book that is overwhelmed with too much information and impossible to navigate through. Forget about those non-sense. As a true traveler myself who has been exclusively traveling around Asia and around the world, and as a person who has traveled to Japan multiples times, my only goal for this book is take give you an ultimate list of 101 things you must do in Japan that you really need to know. You will learn about the most exciting things to do, amazing destinations to go to, top islands to visit, major cities not to miss, top events to attend, best food to try, and so much more… You know you need this book if you: Interested in Japan and want to know just about all the fun, the relevant information without bombarding with too much irrelevant all the major travel books out there are giving you. Unsure about if you’ll like to visit Japan and want to find out if it’s worth your travel trip and expense. Having a friend who has traveled to Japan and it’s really annoying to hear them constantly bragging about how cool it is Just looking around for the next travel suggestion Just looking for a good read about the most beautiful place on earth with the most interesting culture Any other reason you could think of, this book is still for you 🙂 Let the real traveler show you what Japan has to offer. Let the real traveler who traveled to Japan many times be your personal tour guide. With this book, you will never get bored in Japan. Pick up this book, and welcome to Japan!