Wed. Jul 24th, 2019

Read These 12 Fiction Books About Japan

#9 And the Japanese cleaned the stadium: A book about Japan by Matthew Rowe

Description of the book:

“And the Japanese cleaned the stadium” follows a wide-eyed gaijin (foreigner’s) first foray into Japan. Discovering samurai, robotic dogs, baby mops, manga, maid cafes, oh-so-many temples and why the Japanese can’t say “no”, it’s an eventful journey full of light-hearted moments and (not always pleasant) surprises. The author explains some of the country’s quirks and foibles and debunks some myths, as well as raising some interesting (and occasionally slightly disturbing) questions about the Japanese way of life. From sacred sites to neon lights “And the Japanese cleaned the stadium” is an enjoyable and entertaining introduction to Japan, the Japanese people, and their unique culture. Packed with anecdotes and insights, it’s a must-read for anyone who’s interested in Japan or travel in general.