Wed. Jul 24th, 2019

Read These 12 Fiction Books About Japan

#2 Japan Travel Guide: Things I Wish I’D Known Before Going To Japan (The Everything Nippon Travel Guide Series) by Ken Fukuyama

Description of the book:

Want to experience Japan at its fullest potential without spending tons of your precious time on a monstrous 800 pages travel guide? Then, “Things I Wish I’D Known Before Going to Japan” is all you need! In this book, Yuki Fukuyama and Ken Fukuyama will share with you: The ultimate Japan itineraries that are improvised for more than 50+ times Everything you need to know about Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hokkaido All the essential info like hours of operation, transit tips, prices etc The best magical winter destination Detailed maps of Japan The most updated super cheap budgeting tips The best accommodation tips Japan’s Best Kept Secrets All the best of the best local cuisines The events and festivals in Japan Much, much more!About Yuki Fukuyama and Ken FukuyamaBefore serving as a tour guide, they were full-time professors working in Japan National College of Technology. After having their first child in 1986, they have decided to pursue their long-hidden dream of exploring the world. Inspired by their life-changing adventure throughout the world, they have decided to serve as a tour guide. This happy couple has been serving as a Japan local tour guide for more than 30 years now. In their effort to show the world what Japan truly is, they have decided to write a book about it. Get your copy today!Take action and experience Japan at its fullest potential now! Get this book for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!