Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

Queen Victoria Books : 12 Suggestions Every Book Lover Should Read

#12 Queen Victoria: A biography of the long-reigning Queen Victoria by Adam West

Description of the book:

QUEEN VICTORIAGrab this great book today!This book aims to serve as a biography of the great Queen Victoria. Inside, you will receive an insight into what the life of Queen Victoria was like, from her tumultuous childhood, to her eventual death at the old age of 81. The Queen endured multiple assassination attempts, vicious rumours, the early death of her husband and also of multiple children during her more than 60 years on the throne. She ruled over ¼ of the globe and over 400-million subjects during her incredible reign.The story of Queen Victoria is truly a fascinating one, filled with many trials and tribulations. So please, delve into the pages of history and learn about the interesting life of Queen Victoria! Here Is What You’ll Learn About Inside…Who Was Queen VictoriaQueen Victoria’s ChildhoodBecoming A QueenVictoria’s Romantic LifeAssassination AttemptsThe Impact Of Queen VictoriaQueen Victoria’s LegacyMuch, Much More!Download Your Copy Today!