Sun. Oct 13th, 2019

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Book Description

In his bestseller Affluenza , David Wann and his co-authors diagnosed the debilitating disease of over-consumption. In Simple Prosperity he shows readers how we can overcome this disease by investing in a variety of real wealth sources. To recapture a more abundant and sustainable lifestyle, try: – Creating a richer life story through personal growth incentives – Forming higher-yield friendships and stronger bonds through social capital – Taking preventive healthcare measures to build up wellness reserves – Balancing the biological budget through “greener” currency – Caring for people, not just cars, to improve your neighborhood wealth index – Resolving that pesky carbon conundrum through energy savings – Celebrating instead of desecrating! Cultural prosperity futures value the earth as a sacred place In our age of hedge fund hysteria, Simple Prosperity is a new way of investing that will save our sanity and the planet.

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