Fri. Sep 20th, 2019

Download Ebook Show Me the Money! by Esteve Calzada Pdf

Book Description

How do football clubs make their money? How do clubs become global brands, and their stars recognised throughout the world? Show Me The Money is a fascinating sports marketing handbook that uses football to show how money can be made by a club, a tournament, a federation or individual athlete. Author Esteve Calzada worked as Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer of football giants FC Barcelona for over five years. During that time he made a major contribution towards the commercial transformation that saw the club increase its revenue to over 400 million euros per year. He now works as a consultant at Manchester City FC. Full of true-life examples from Barcelona FC, find out how to generate media coverage, recruit fans and generate income through the correct use of sponsors, television rights, athletes’ image rights and the management of licensed products. This is a guide to sports marketing, but not a dull and dry textbook – aimed at sports marketeers and sports marketing students, but fascinating to anyone interested in sport and how football clubs make their money.

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