Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Download Ebook Navies and Shipbuilding Industries: The Strained Symbiosis by Michael Lindberg Pdf

Book Description

The central theme running through this book is the mutual dependence of navies and shipbuilding industries. Historically, naval ambitions and the ambitions of industrialists converge, and a symbiosis is born. The technical competence of industry emerges as a key player in determining the effectiveness of navies. That industrial capability, for its part, rests increasingly on the navy as chief customer because progressive specialization renders it more and more unsuited for any other use. These trends are universal, afflicting the relations of all major navies and their industrial suppliers since the dawn of the modern age. They continue to complicate the running of navies today. The book enlarges on this fundamental fact, explaining why the symbiosis emerged and how it is manifested in the contemporary world.

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