Sun. Oct 13th, 2019

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Book Description

Many people have written about creating customer-centered organizations. Michael Basch actually did it–better than anyone else. He was the co-founder of Federal Express, and the VP of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. He built the systems, created the processes and developed the culture that made FedEx the legend it still is today in customer management and support. CustomerCulture is about consciously building the customer-centered organization where every employee is focused on serving their customers for sustained, profitable growth over the long haul… and it is now available in paperback. The people and companies that are constantly customer-centered are the “evolutionary forces” that continue to grow and innovate in their neverending quest for finding better ways. This is the definition of “CustomerCulture.” In this book, Basch shows how any organization–from a small dental practice to a multinational organization–can transform itself for the customer, and become more profitable along the way. Endorsed by Fred Smith, principal founder and CEO of FedEx and James Barksdale, co-founder of Netscape.

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