Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

Best 12 Time Travel Books | List of Top Books About Time Travel

#12 Paradox I.N. Time:Smart. Sexy. A Fantastic Ride Through Time (It’s About Time Book 1) by Lauren DuChateau

Description of the book:

Paradox I.N. Time “Smart. Sexy… A Fantastic Ride Through Time!” Paradox I.N. Time is a sweeping time travel adventure that transports the reader from Buffalo 2016 to Etruscan times 384 BC, then on to Renaissance Florence and more. A fresh approach to the timeless love story with double helix twists and turns that will careen you through a plot that is refreshingly impossible to predict. Hurtled back in time to Renaissance Florence, Lydia awakens in the arms of a breathtakingly bold warrior and right in the middle of a messy time paradox. If it wasn’t for his terror inspiring size, giant cleaving weapons and the fact that he was holding her prisoner- Lydia could see how she might be attracted to him. So now all she has to do is: escape from this hulking barbarian, uncover the secrets to her ancestry which have caused the time paradox, try not to be killed by the demonic woman, named Vanth, who is chasing her, and…oh yeah, save the future of humanity from a deadly virus. Join our reluctant heroine on a rollercoaster ride through time and the epic adventure of many lifetimes."Paradox I. N. Time" is book one, in the three book, "It’s about Time" series. Be on the lookout for book two "Pirates and Paradoxes" due out later in 2017. I’d love to hear from you. Please direct any feedback to : or lauren.duchateau@yahoo.comHappy Reading!