Wed. Jul 24th, 2019

Best 12 Demons Books | List of Top Novels About Demons

#5 Boats and Ships for Kids: A Children’s Picture Book about Boats and Ships: A Great Simple Picture Book for Kids to Learn about Boats and Ships by Melissa Ackerman

Description of the book:

Have you heard of a bathtub boat? Do you know what a bathyscaphe is? Both are types of boat. More trivia and fascinating information about boats and ships are featured in this book especially made for young learners. Over 90 boats and ships from luxurious cruise ships to the simplest boat, from the most primitive ones to the newest watercraft, and so much more are presented in this book. Each of the boat or ship comes with its beautiful picture and easy to understand fun fact to fuel your child’s fascination with boats and ships. It is truly great book for children to enjoy with the family.