Wed. Jun 26th, 2019

8 Fiction Books Written About J M Barrie You Can Read Right Now

#8 PETER PAN (Illustrated, Quotes about peter pan and Bonus) by James Matthew Barrie

Description of the book:

"Peter Pan", I tell of J. M. Barrie’s the child who does not grow, remains one of the most beloved children’s books ever written. For nearly one hundred years, children around the world have fallen asleep to sleep dreaming of Tinker Bell and the lost boys, dust and ticking clocks, crocodiles and Captain Hook. But despite the visual richness of the history, not be has never been photographically illustrated so far. In this lavishly produced Edition of the classic adventure full, designer and Illustrator Raquel Jaramillo plays "Peter Pan" through their wonderful photographic images. Using the mixture of illustration, photography and computer technology, it blurs the boundaries between fiction and reality. The result is fresh and surprisingly beautiful, pure magic. Neverland comes alive with the immediacy and drama of a movie. Pirates stalk the wild forests, mermaids swim through seas kissed by the Sun, the children fly over the Islands to discover. Portrayed with an intimacy of flesh and bone, the beloved characters of Peter Pan, Wendy Darling, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell and Nana seem more real than ever.Part ghost story, part love story, tender, funny, and wise, "Peter Pan" is a haunting work that appeals equally to boys and girls. But following numerous abridged versions, famous adaptation of Disney and other large screen updates, the true nature of the novel has been a bit forgotten, its impact diminishes with each generation. Impressive recreation of Jaramillo ensures the legacy of history, in all its complexity, for a second century. It will prove to be as eternal as same Pedro