Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

12 Of The Best Novels About Money

#8 Liktoon’s Boat: A storybook about money, entrepreneurship and teamwork (Liktoon & Ge’s Adventures) by Radha Rai

Description of the book:

Liktoon’s Boat – an illustrated children’s book- is not only a magical adventure filled with colorful illustrations – it’s also a fun introduction to concepts like earning and saving money for a goal. Liktoon lives in a small village called Kindleberry, which is in a magical world. His greatest wish is to explore the ocean, discover new islands, find hidden treasures and meet new people and magical creatures. But he must find the means to achieve his dreams. Liktoon has dreams of exploring the ocean, but he doesn’t have a boat. With the help of his friends, after some tough challenges, he sets out to make his dream come true. Each enchantingly illustrated page focuses on actions, decisions and emotions that Liktoon goes through in the process of achieving his lifelong goal. Liktoon’s boat, uses bright colors, and familiar topics like stories, toys, and friendships to provide introduction to basic mathematical and financial concepts. In addition to helping children with their reading skills, this book introduces the important topics such as: Addition and subtraction Earnings and savings Delayed gratification, perseverance and teamwork Business principles such as entrepreneurship, profits and expenses It’s important to teach our kids to be money savvy, especially during their foundational years so that they can grow into financially responsible adults.