Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

12 Of The Best Books About Empathy

#10 Walk in My Shoes: 27 Inspiring Stories that will alter your perspective on human emotional & physical strengths by Charlotte DeWitt

Description of the book:

Walk in My Shoes is a book unlike any other. It is a unique collection of 27 powerful stories by individuals who have witnessed or experienced the tragedy of losing not one, but two senses: hearing and sight. The loss is caused by a rare disease called Usher syndrome. These stories will give you a glimpse into the world of the deafblind and their families and friends. The collection of stories will give you a chance to walk in the shoes of those with Usher syndrome with different perspectives, experiences, and situations of those constant challenges that they face. Instead of giving up, these people discover and embrace their inner strength to overcome great obstacles and adversity in their quest for acceptance, equality, and respect by society. Even the simplest everyday tasks that people take for granted, such as public transportation, cooking, or even walking around, can be a Herculean challenge for those with Usher syndrome. Yet, they keep on fighting and adapting to those constant challenges. These people, along with their families and friends, are unseen and unheard heroes. Even though they may not see or hear, they have so much to teach us about the human spirit, overcoming harsh obstacles and seeking equality in a society that does not understand them. These are their stories.