Sun. Sep 22nd, 2019

12 Novels Written About Positivity You Can Read Right Now

#5 The Great Big Move: A Surprisingly Exciting Adventure by Meghan Marie Geary

Description of the book:

This is a story about a sweet and spunky little girl, Katie Harlow, who has experienced two moves and is about to encounter her third. While thinking about all of the things she will miss she has an epiphany! She realizes all of these moves have actually been great adventures and she has discovered many treasures along the way. Katie Harlow realizes that without experiencing these moves she may have missed out on some really, REALLY cool things! She is left feeling excited and ready for her next adventure and the unknown treasures that need to be found!! Following the story are four journaling pages to document old and new treasures and four letter writing pages to be filled out, cut out and mailed out to keep in touch with old friends!This is a great read for children on their own or with an adult when they are about to experience a move or any tough situation for that matter. It not only allows the reader to relate to Katie Harlow as she experiences this move but also just a big life change in general. It can help show children that with change can come a lot of good even though you may not spot it right away!