Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

12 Must-Read Books About U.S. Grant

#10 Conversations with General Grant by Ulysses S. Grant

Description of the book:

The generalship and presidency of Ulysses S. Grant has undergone a re-evaluation in recent years, with historians viewing both more favorably than in the past. Here in his own words is Grant in retirement, on a trip around the world, discussing the men and events of his incredible careers with John Russell Young of the "New York Herald."Young was invited to make the two year tour with the Grants. He records the former president talking about everything from politics to people he’d known. But the best of the conversations are on the men and battles of the Civil War.Grant provides his thoughts on Lincoln, Sherman, Sheridan, Lee, Thomas, Longstreet and more. He discusses the siege of Vicksburg, the Battle of Shiloh, and the surrender at Appomattox.This is not the Grant of his highly-regarded autobiography. He is more relaxed, more casual, and talks more of people than events. This is a Ulysses S. Grant you probably haven’t seen before.John Russell Young later distinguished himself as United States minister to China.Every memoir of the American Civil War provides us with another view of the catastrophe that changed the country forever.For the first time, this long out-of-print volume is available as an affordable, well-formatted book for e-readers and smartphones. Be sure to LOOK INSIDE by clicking the cover above or download a sample.