Sun. Oct 13th, 2019

12 Fiction Books I Want To Read Featuring Werewolves

#12 The Truth About Werewolves Book One: The Mists Of Time: From The Upper Paleolithic To The Present Day by David Wilson

Description of the book:

Part of a series of three books stuffed with facts, history and sightings of werewolves. These books delve deep into the history of this extremely ancient belief and explore the myths and legends surrounding werewolfery from prehistory right into the present-day. You will find stories and accounts of werewolves, ancient (and modern) shapeshifting shamans, horrific, bestial serial-killers and a comprehensive list of werewolf films as well as pages of documented fatal wolf-attacks and other, much stranger, more mysterious stuff. Various “rational” explanations of the phenomenon are explored and some surprising conclusions reached.