Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

12 Fiction Books I Want To Read Featuring Korea

#12 This is Korea: All You Ever Wanted to Know about Korea by Jung-wha Choi

Description of the book:

Though there are many books that introduce Korea to foreigners, not many people really know Korea and even less, the Korean people. In many ways, Korea is overshadowed by its two neighbors in size by China in economy by Japan and therefore relatively unknown. So, this book looks at Korea through the perspective of a foreigner and gives the reader a true understanding of the Korean psyche with various topics, from basic facts about Korea to sections detailing Korean culture and its tradiitions. Also, It explains Korea in a reader-friendly way, as if your Korean friend were explaining to you what Korea is really like warts and all! It would be an ideal gift for both the traveler and the working expat in Korea. A captivating resource for anybody who wants to know about the TRUE Korea.