Sat. Dec 14th, 2019

12 Fiction Books I Want To Read Featuring Cancer

#12 The Truth About Cancer Second Edition: A Child’s Guide To Understanding Cancer (The Truth Series) by Kelly Strenge

Description of the book:

How do you explain cancer to kids? This book holds the key….“I highly recommend this book for any child who has ever heard the word cancer. An informative and uplifting story that will open the doors of conversation.”Luis F. Porrata, M.D. Mayo Clinic Kelly Strenge has been explaining cancer to children for more than a decade. The Truth About Cancer, Second Edition educates children about cancer in a very honest, light-hearted, and inspiring way. In this book kids will discover:•What cancer is and how it is treated;•The side effects cancer treatment can have; •Who is affected by cancer;•Cancer is not contagious;•Ways to prevent cancer;•Who they can turn to for comfort and to help them cope;•Cancer doesn’t define a person;•There are positive aspects of the journey; and much more.The Truth About Cancer Second Edition is a wonderfully versatile nonfiction book that is beneficial to children ages 2-12. This book works perfectly whether it is a child that was diagnosed or someone they love. If you like Nowhere Hair, then you’ll love Kelly Strenge’s very encouraging The Truth About Cancer, Second Edition.Buy this book to provide hope and understanding for your child today!*Kelly Strenge also gives half of all proceeds from this book back to cancer charities and research.Go to and receive FREE access to my educational video library for parents when you join my mailing list. The 4-part cancer series alone covers:-Our cancer story;-Discussion of various cancer treatments;-Discussion of caregiver role;-Mental health impact cancer can have on patient;-Resources to help you through; and-How to talk to your kids about cancer.*You can unsubscribe at any time and I will never share your information.