Wed. Dec 19th, 2018

12 Books Written About O.J. Simpson You Can Read Right Now

#3 My Life During The O.J. Simpson Trial by Patrice Williams Marks

Description of the book:

"I believe Ms Marks did a wonderful job of writing this book. Her evidence is drawn strictly from known testimony. In the case of this trial, the whole world was indeed watching. So the world knows that the evidence given is correct. I give this book, an honest account of what it was like to be black in LA during this trial a solid five stars…"Ravens Reviews"It’s brilliantly written"Reviewer: Cruikshank196____________________________________________________________The words "Not Guilty" set one man free, but somehow made all African-Americans, no matter their varied opinions, the enemy."… the defendant, Orenthal James Simpson, not guilty of the crime of murder…"The Trial of the Century had come to an end. The verdict hit the airwaves and the eyes of the nation descended on the city that made superstars out of attorneys.As an African-American recent college graduate living and working in the city, that verdict had a profound effect on me and the life I made for myself. The trial and the shocking verdict served as the impetus for what would be months of turmoil and unrest.Protests, debates, and incessant banter from both sides of the aisle permeated in our membranes. Lives were changed. Alliances were formed. Mistrust became the rule, not the exception. The words "Not Guilty" set one man free, but somehow made all African-Americans, no matter their varied opinions, the enemy. No one cared to seek our perspective. No one bothered to ask the right questions. We were clumped together as if our stories were one and the same.From the horrific Rodney King assault, to the unsettling residuum following the O.J. Simpson verdict, my life changed in profound ways.Hear actual words spoken by Nicole Brown Simpson, O.J. Simpson, Detective Mark Fuhrman and others through original court transcripts, to see how my opinions were formed, and to possibly, rethink your own.___________________________________________________________SCROLL UP AND BUY NOW!

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