Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

12 Books Written About O.J. Simpson You Can Read Right Now

#4 The Truth About the O.J. Simpson Robbery by Michael McClinton

Description of the book:

When O.J. Simpson last visited Las Vegas to attend the wedding of a friend he didn’t know he would spend the next nine years as a guest of the state. Sports memorabilia, most of it personal in nature, had been in his possession for years. Including the infamous “Dodge Suit” that he wore on the day he was acquitted in the murder trial. Simpson didn’t know where everything went, but he had his suspicions. When a memorabilia dealer called in late 2007 saying he knew who had stolen the merchandise and would set up a sting in Las Vegas, Simpson was in. Simpson assembled a small group of friends who would help him recover the memorabilia. The problem was that he asked one of them to bring a gun, making it an armed robbery. Simpson was arrested and charged with multiple felony counts before being convicted and sentenced to a minimum of nine years in prison. Others in his group made plea bargains with the state. This is the account of the person responsible for providing the guns, as well as court testimony from Simpson himself explaining how he did nothing wrong. He followed the law and just wanted to get his stolen memorabilia back. His way, regardless of the consequences.