Wed. Dec 19th, 2018

12 Books Written About O.J. Simpson You Can Read Right Now

#10 The Truth About O.J. Simpson: Race, Class, Money & Justice by Sherman D Manning

Description of the book:

This book is a stunning lesson about a justice system which is for sale. Criminology, criminal justice law students, professors, pastors and anyone interested in crime and punishment will be fascinated by this book. It is all-the-more powerful because Sherman is embedded in this story. He understands psychopaths and sociopaths better than most psychologists. “He was housed with Eric Menendez for seven years. He was then housed with Lyle Menendez for two years. He studied them like a science project. What he learned from the charisma and the duplicity of Eric and Lyle has taught him how to understand O. J. Simpson and Ray Rice.

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